As anyone whose loved one has battled addiction before knows, substance use never just affects the one using drugs or alcohol. It impacts everyone around them, from their children to their spouses to their parents. Family therapy programs can help you begin the healing process to help address the damage to the family relationships. This gives your loved one build a support network they can rely on before, during, and after the treatment process. To learn more about our structural family therapy program, please reach out to Beacon of Light in Recovery today at 713.397.8474 or use our convenient online form.

Why Should You Seek Family Therapy for Your Loved One

There is no doubt that watching someone you love endanger themselves by using drugs or alcohol is painful. If your loved one is using substances, you may feel frustrated by their choices or fear for their safety, leading you to feel helpless and stressed. Additionally, they may be stealing or lying to you, making you feel like you can’t trust them. Our family counseling services can help you address these feelings productively. We can also help you create healthy boundaries for your loved one so that they don’t relapse.

With the help of a family therapy program, you can renew your relationships with your loved one after their substance use. We work with your family to identify where you need to grow. We also can provide an environment that feels supportive to both you and your loved one. When everyone involved can recognize the complex relationship patterns in your family unit, you can begin to heal and become better as a whole.

Importance of Family Counseling in Addiction Treatment

Research shows that a person’s family plays a significant role in many mental health and addiction treatment programs. These conditions can be incredibly draining and challenging to everyone involved, whether you’re the one suffering from the addiction or the family member. Engaging in a family therapy program gives everyone insight into each other’s actions.

It can also help to create a reliable support network that your loved one can rely on outside of treatment. This support network can increase the likelihood of them staying sober for more extended periods. It’s easier for your loved one to remain sober if they have friends and family members they can rely on in the everyday world. Additionally, it will help you and your family to provide the affirmation, guidance, and reassurance that your loved one needs.

Family counseling also offers a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Improvements in family communication
  • Clear definition of what a person’s role is within the family
  • Offers coping tools that a family can use to resolve conflict
  • Addresses dysfunctional interactions between family members
  • Improvements in the family’s ability to solve problems

These are only a few of many reasons that your family and loved ones can benefit from our family consultation services.

Learn More at Beacon of Light in Recovery

At Beacon of Light in Recovery, we pride ourselves on providing personalized interventionist and family therapy services. We take the time to get to know you and your family so we can address your unique challenges. We also can provide interventionist services to ensure that your loved one gets the treatment they need. We’ll even take the time to recommend a treatment program that will benefit their situation. Furthermore, you’ll get our undivided attention. You’ll get our interventionist’s personal number and email so that if you need our services, we’ll be there as soon as we physically can. Please contact Beacon of Light in Recovery today at 713.397.8474, or contact us online to learn more about our services.