Contrary to popular belief, one person’s addiction or mental health disorder doesn’t just impact them. In fact, when one person is battling substance abuse, they may struggle to maintain healthy relationships with the people they love. They may not be able to hold a job or complete other critical responsibilities. In order to fund their drug or alcohol addiction, your loved one may have lied or stolen from family or friends, leaving you feeling lost and confused. However, there is support available.

When you reach out to Beacon of Light in Recovery, you’ll find interventionist services to help you and your loved one get the treatment they need. We’ve been at the side of people just like you, so we know what to expect from the process. To learn more about how we can support your family, please reach out to Beacon of Light in Recovery today at 713.397.8474.

Choosing Addiction Treatment Services

Convincing your loved one to seek the treatment that they need is often challenging. Many people don’t want to admit that there is a problem, or they’re afraid that if they decide to get treatment, they won’t be able to afford it. Beacon of Light in Recovery understands these concerns, but we also know that finding treatment is one of the best things your loved one can do to improve their lives and the life of those around them. As a result, we offer a range of services to support your family throughout the recovery process.

Intervention Services

Interventions are at the heart of what we do at Beacon of Light in Recovery. When you call our services, you’ll get the personal number and email address of our trained interventionist. We take the time to get to know your family and your needs so you know that you’re getting the best possible service. We’ll educated you about the long-term effects of drugs and alcohol on the family system. We also personalize our approach so that your loved one receives consequences that specifically affect them, such as:

  • Taking away their car
  • Telling their spouse or loved one
  • Not having funds to pay for food or rent
  • Family members removing themselves from the equation
  • Involving the police
  • Setting boundaries with the family

Research shows that by setting boundaries the identified person in need is forced to choose recovery or suffer consequences. The goal is to force a bottom so the only choice left is to seek treatment.

Family Consultation

In many cases, family members don’t understand what led up to their loved one’s drug or alcohol use. They don’t know how to set appropriate boundaries, keeping them from fully embracing the recovery process. With our family consultation services, we’ll provide insight into this area of life. The end goal is for every member of the family to begin healing and to commit to the recovery journey. We’ll help you figure out where your loved one should go for treatment and provide long-term consequences if they relapse.

Case Management

Support is essential in the recovery process, and often, family members can’t provide the tough love that the person needs for an extended period of time. Beacon of Light in Recovery provides the support your loved one needs in our year long case management program. We help your loved one stay on track with recovery while supporting life skills, help getting a job, sober living recommendations, assistance with getting mental health needs met while supporting the whole person.


About Our Interventionist

Sharon Sauer is a Houston, Texas native with a master’s degree in business administration from St. Edward’s University. She’s been in long-term recovery from alcohol addiction, and, since then, she has become a professional  interventionist and family recovery coach. Sharon has worked in the substance use disorder treatment field for the last eight years and has recently become a certified case manager. To learn how Sharon and Beacon of Light in Recovery can support your loved one throughout the treatment process, please contact us today.

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When you turn to Beacon of Light in Recovery, we work with your family throughout the process. From the first intervention or family consultation to long term case management, we’re at your side for up to a year after treatment. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today at 713.397.8474, or contact us online.