One of the reasons many people don’t seek treatment for their substance use disorders is that they don’t see their substance use as a problem. In fact, according to the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 95% of people who needed substance abuse treatment didn’t get it because they didn’t think they needed it. If that is the case for your loved one, it may be necessary to stage an intervention in order to help them see that their addiction has become a problem. This task may seem daunting, but when you seek the help of our professional behavioral and drug interventionist, it can be hassle-free. To learn about the benefits of our drug intervention services, please reach out to Beacon of Light in Recovery today.

What You Need to Know About Interventions

The term intervention refers to a planned discussion between a group of people who care for a person and a person who is suffering from a range of personal problems. While many people see interventions as a monumental task, we know it is a powerful expression that friends and family care for an individual. After all, it shows that you want to support them throughout the recovery process.

An intervention may be necessary for a number of reasons. For instance, people may want to host a behavioral intervention due to:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug use
  • Gambling
  • Eating disorders
  • Self-harm
  • Mental health problems

An intervention often occurs because a person’s friends or family members have become aware that their loved one is losing control of their lives, finances, and relationships due to a personal problem.

Benefits of a Professional Interventionist

If these loved ones recognize that their behaviors are enabling the person’s problem, reaching out to a professional interventionist is helpful.

Unlike you and your family, we’re not friends with or colleagues of the person battling a drug or alcohol addiction. We aren’t emotionally involved, and we don’t have a financial stake in the issue.

We bring a strong, centered professional presence to the intervention. You can trust us to help create healthy boundaries for you and your loved ones and a calm demeanor that you can rely on throughout the discussion. Furthermore, we strive to provide a personal approach to the process. When you reach out to Beacon of Light in Recovery, you’ll get our interventionist’s personal email and phone number. As a result, if there is ever an emergency, we’re available with a single phone call or text.

Additionally, we provide an individualized approach to our intervention. We also follow your family throughout the entire treatment process. For instance, we work with you to find the right treatment program for your loved one. We don’t send our clients anywhere we haven’t vetted first. We’ll also follow your family through the process after your loved one has finished treatment. For instance, we help you put consequences into place for your loved one after treatment. Our goal is for your loved one to agree to the consequences, which we can then tailor their lifestyle.

Get Support at Beacon of Light in Recovery

At Beacon of Light in Recovery, we’re committed to ensuring that your loved one gets the treatment they need. We work with your family every step of the way to ensure that everyone is committed to the recovery process. Additionally, we are proud to provide family counseling so that everyone gets the healing they need. If you know that your loved one needs treatment for their substance abuse or mental health condition, please don’t wait. Contact Beacon of Light in Recovery today at 713.397.8474, or contact us online to learn how we can help your loved one enter a reliable treatment program.