If your loved one is ready to find an addiction treatment program, they may feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, in many cases, you and your family and friends may not be able to provide the support and tough love they need because you simply do not have the experience. Fortunately, Beacon of Light in Recovery does have this experience and would be proud to provide it to your loved one. We can help them face life’s stress, challenges, and stressors to help support their recovery in the long run. With the help of our case management services, your loved one will have the care they need to manage their sobriety at the beginning of their recovery and on. Please contact us today at 713.397.8474 to learn more about the case management services at Beacon of Light in Recovery.

What Is Included In Case Management? 

In the early days of recovery, your loved one may have difficulty remaining sober. They may be battling mental health symptoms or other significant challenges in life. Fortunately, our case manager will act as your support and liaison. For instance, we’ll help your loved one find a treatment program to help them begin the recovery process. We never send your loved one to a treatment program that we haven’t vetted thoroughly, giving you peace of mind. 

Through case management, your loved one will always have someone at their side to support them through recovery. They won’t have to be afraid of relapsed or feel stressed when they’re facing stressors. They can always contact our case manager and talk through their stress. We’ll also help your loved one grow their support network. Our case management services include:

  • Engaging the family in your loved one’s recovery
  • Providing a plan for their recovery
  • Finding life coaching during their recovery
  • Offering emergency support and intervention services
  • Preventing relapse
  • Drug and alcohol testing, which offers accountability

To learn more about what our case management services provide, please contact Beacon of Light in Recovery today at 713.397.8474

Why Does Your Loved One Need Case Management?

A case manager is essential in the process of overcoming substance use. For instance, our case manager can coordinate your loved one’s addiction treatment program, including programs such as:

  • Detox
  • Residential treatment
  • Partial hospitalization programs 
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Outpatient programs

Case management can also help your loved one find a sober living home, get transportation to treatment programs, and manage their medications. 

Case management is particularly beneficial to young adults and teens who have relapsed in the past. Furthermore, those suffering from co-occurring mental health conditions and substance abuse can benefit from these services. 

Learn More with Beacon of Light in Recovery

No matter what your loved one’s past experience is, they should be able to live with abusing a substance or struggling with mental health issues. We provide each client with ongoing support for up to a year after treatment. Case management allows your loved one to overcome their temptations and stressors, giving them the tools to put an end to drug or alcohol abuse. Beacon of Light in Recovery can help your loved one take control of their life. Furthermore, when you contact our interventionist services, you’ll get our interventionist and case manager’s personal number, so you can contact them at any time if there is a problem. To learn more about how our case management service can support your loved one’s recovery, please contact us today at 713.397.8474, or contact us online